A great horseman left us, Pierre Lacharité

May 13, 2020

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A great horseman left us, Pierre Lacharité

Trotting and pacing fans in Quebec who follow the activities of our wonderful sport will surely
keep in their memories, the souvenir of Pierre Lacharité, a horseman of the old generation, a
master with young horses, especially with trotters. Pierre was an apprentice of Marcel Dostie’s
school, which largely explains his expertise.

Pierre has died in the past few days, and in these times of pandemic when there are hundreds
of deaths, there was a risk that his might go unnoticed. It would have been a shame because he
was certainly one of the great trainers of his generation. His 523 victories and more than half a
million in earnings as a trainer is a testament to his skill set and success. We sometimes forget
that in his younger years, Pierre also was a successful driver with $ 3.7M and 671 victories.
There are only few categories of Quebec finals that have escaped him. Almost every year, he
produced one or two champions of the Quebec finals, particularly among trotters. We only
have to think of Pablo Angus ($ 819,000, 1.53.2) who was until recently one of the best trotters
in the history of Quebec. Pablo is still the co-holder of the track record for older trotters at H3R.
In fact, over the years, Pierre has often proven himself to be the trusted man to develop the
young horses at the Angus stable. Another example is Leader Angus.

If we dive into the 90s, we remember the Ailenderay, Star Bocly, Undersky Calipso, Brandon
Heidi, Coco Morgan. He was a patient trainer, an essential quality if you want to claim success
with trotters above all.

Pierre died on May 7. He was 75 years old. It was a long and sad illness that brought him to his
last rest. The Quebec Jockey Club offers its deepest condolences to the family, especially to his
spouse Francine.