Breeding policy

The Quebec Jockey Club (QJC) breeding policy, established after consultation with the Quebec owners and breeders association (ATAQ), aims to create favorable conditions for years to come by stimulating the entire industry and create further employment opportunities.

The Quebec Jockey Club flows a high percentage of purses available for series and overnights specifically for Quebec bred foals. Additionally the policy includes awards for breeders and for owners of Quebec bred foals.

There are extra awards for breeders and owners of Quebecbreds who are by Quebec sires. The program recognizes the constraint of having too small a population of broodmares, both pacing and trotting and provides attractive conditions for breeders and owners of Quebecbreds in order to increase breeding in Quebec and business for the breeding farms.

The level of purses for the Quebec bred series is based on earnings estimates to be announced in late December, once the Quebec Jockey Club Budget is finalized for the subsequent year. Estimates for the next few years were provided in October.

Since 2010, more than 70% of purses were returned to Quebec owners in special series or overnight races.


For the 2011 breeding season as well as future seasons (horses born in 2012 and after), horses identified in any of the following ways will be considered as Quebec bred horses:

1. “QP” : means a horse from a male Standardbred racehorse used for breeding in Quebec and registered with the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Québec (RACJ) for each breeding season

2. “QM” : means a horse from a female Standardbred racehorse used for breeding, having resided in Quebec for a minimum of 180 days between January 1 and December 31 of the mating year, and registered with the ATAQ association. See also the special exception for Mares bought in foal before January 31, 2013 and mares in foal owned 50% or more by a Quebec owner.

3. “QMP” : means a horse from a Quebec stallion (QP) and a Quebec mare (QM), as described in this breeding policy.


QJC established an incentive program for awards for breeders and owners of Quebec bred horses.

Breeder Benefits
Starting in the 2014 racing season, annual awards will be paid to breeders of 2, 3 or 4-year old horses, progressively (starting with 2YO’s of 2014), depending on earning of the eligible horses in the Quebec bred series. The award will be equal to a percentage calculated on the table below.

For the 2017 breeding year, is also considered “Quebec mare”, a broodmare purchased in foal and transferred no later than December 31, 2017 with proof of purchase and must be 100% Canadian owned. All conditions of this exceptional measure are explained in the 2017 registration document and applies. In addition, note that breeders who appear on the registration certificates of these offspring will not be eligible for the premium to breeders offered by the Club Jockey of Quebec. Only breeders of records who have also registered their mares in the 2017 program will be eligible for these bonuses.

**Important change to the Quebec Breeding Policy regarding offspring born in 2019:

The Quebec Jockey Club has made an important change to its breeding policy with respect to the offspring that will be born in 2019 and after.

For this purpose, only a registered breeder who also entered the broodmare in the Quebec mare residency program, respecting the rules attached to it,  and had the foal be born in the province of Quebec, will be able to claim the 10% bonus from the horse’s winnings obtained in Quebec circuit races.

In the case where the broodmare is sold / leased before completing her residency, but remains in Quebec to satisfy the terms of the residency and also foals in the province of Quebec, only then will the breeder have the right to the breeders’ bonus. Please be advised that documentation will be required. For example ; proof of transfer or  mare lease, new location of the broodmare if applicable, etc.

If the mare does not meet the terms of her residence and / or the offspring is not born in Quebec, then no premium will be paid to the breeder.

Please note: The Mare residency program also changed for the 2018 breeding season.

Owner Benefits
Starting in the 2012 racing season, an annual award will be paid to owners of 2, 3 or 4-year old horses, progressively, depending on earnings reaped by the horse in the Quebec breeding “single” racing circuit. The benefit will be equal to a percentage calculated on the table below.

Starting in the 2021 racing season, no benefits will be granted.